Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Anyone! GOGA is open to children, teens, adults, and seniors who are currently active or whose health could benefit by being more active. If you are not sure if activity is right for you - check with your doctor or member of their healthcare team to be sure you can be active or exercise safely on your own.


What steps goal should I select?

When you sign up, you will be able to select your steps goal for the challenge. We have 4 levels to make participating easy for everyone - no matter your physical abilities or fitness levels. Here are your options:

Beginners - not very active but looking to make a change?

If this is you, set your steps goal to either:

  • 2,500 steps equal to 1.8 km of walking per day or,
  • 4,500 steps equal to 3.4 km of walking per day.

Already active and want to challenge yourself

If this is you, set your steps goal to either:

  • 10,000 steps equal to 8 km of walking per day or,
  • 18,000 steps equal to 13.6 km of walking per day.


When does the challenge end?

Our activity tracking program will lead you through your first six weeks where you can earn achievements and enter activity to transform your character from a zombie to a superhero. You can track your activity and continue with the challenge at your own pace until you finish. We will keep going as long as you do. Enter activity each day to see where the journey takes you.


What happens if I finish the challenge?

If you have finished the challenge and reached your trophy, you can either reset the challenge to start again, or continue on using the activity tracker just as you have and continue to monitor your individual and or team progress. The activity tracker will never stop unless you stop tracking your activity. 

If you want to reset the challenge or adjust your steps goal at any time simply go to “My Activity Tracking Page” on the left side you will see a button for “account settings”. Click here and you will see your profile information and you can adjust your steps goal to reset the challenge.  

Activity Tracking:

How do I track my activity?

This has never been easier. Once you signed up go to the “My Account" link at the top of the page and select "Activity Tracking”. Once on this page click the “Submit Activity” button to enter your activities each day. You can use a device such as a pedometer, any activity tracker like Fitbit to get a daily step count which you then enter. If you do not have a device or do not want to use a device, you can select your activity from a drop down list, enter the time and the effort of the activity and this will automatically convert into steps. After all, you can’t wear your pedometer in the pool now can you?

Need help? Check out our submit activity help guide.


What if my activity isn’t listed in the drop down menu?

If your activity isn’t listed in the drop down menu, see our handout here with some additional activities and their steps. If you do not find your activity specifically, you can either choose the one best matching or google the step conversion for your activity and input that number of steps.


How do I get a pedometer and how do I use it?

If you are looking for a free pedometer, most public libraries have a pedometer loaner program where you can sign it out with your library card. Visit our Resource page for a list or to see more options. 

If you do not want to wear a pedometer, that is fine too. Do you have a cell phone? There are also many useful mobile apps that can track your activity. Click here to see the list.


How do I sync my Fitbit?

Syncing your Fitbit is easy – on the left side bar of the “My Activity Tracking” dashboard, there is a "sync my Fitbit" button. Once you click on it, it will walk you through the steps to complete the sync. Once done, you will be able to get out and get active and have your steps tracked and synced on the tracking page for you! Fitbit will sync your activity 3 times per day. You can add or remove your devices if needed by returning to your “Account Settings” at any time.


Team Questions:

Can I join multiple teams?

Yes! You can be a part of as many teams as you would like. You can even create multiple teams and invite certain friends, family, colleagues to join by email, text message or Facebook. If you know of a team you want to join, have the team captain send you the invitation link. Once you click the link, it will automatically take you to the sign up/registration page and add you to this team.


Can I participate as an individual and on a team?

There is no need to sign up as an individual unless you wanted to participate in GOGA by yourself without any teammates.

Signing up for a team will still allow you to see your own individual progress on the “My Activity Tracking” page as well as how your progress compares to the others on your team. This page is your own personal view that no other people can see. It will show your steps average, the checkpoints you have reached, how far you need to go for your next checkpoint and your personal achievements.


How do I see my team's progress?

Switching between your individual view and team view is very easy. On the “My Activity Tracking” page, simply click the team name in the left sidebar.


Can I leave a team?

If you are a team creator, before leaving a team you will need to assign another person the lead role! If you are not the leader and are just a part of the team, you can leave the team at any time by clicking the leave team button.


Information for Schools or Classrooms:

I am a teacher. How can my classroom participate?

There are two easy ways your classroom can participate:

Option 1: You can create a team for your classroom or school and invite students and or parents to participate by sending them a unique team link via email, text message or Facebook. For children under 18, parents can then help their child register online, sign the waiver, and then the student can track their activity independently and view the team's progress.

Option 2: You create a team for your classroom or school, you can then send the waiver home with students to have their parent sign and return to you. Once consents are obtained, as a teacher or team leader, you can enter non-identifying information for each of your students (first name, last initial) to form your team - skipping the registration process for each student.


How do I enter activity on behalf of my classroom or team?

This is an exciting new feature.

During registration, when you create your team, you are asked if you would like to bulk-enter activity. If you accept this option, when you go to enter steps/activity you can click the ‘Submit Team Activity’ button to add activity for the entire team at once.

You can select an activity from the drop down list, select the time and intensity and apply this activity to all team members, for example, your team participated in a light 30 minute walk, or your students played 45 minutes of soccer at recess. You can enter this as one entry that will then be applied to all teammates.

This is a great way for teachers or administrators to demonstrate the cumulative effects of physical activities for your student. Why not show them the benefits of active play at recess or gym class to then transform their GOGA character from a zombie to a superhero!


How do I get my students involved with tracking their activity? What if they do not have access to a computer?

Once they have registered, students can independently log in and track their own activities for the duration of the Challenge. You will see your team's progress and can celebrate your achievements together as a classroom.

If your students need a little help, you can have them keep track of their steps on paper. You can collect their step totals and enter these for each team member on the students behalf, or as a bulk entry which will be averaged out for all of the students. Click here for a paper tracking form.


I am a parent and my child doesn’t have an email. Do I need to create one?

You do need an email to register for the challenge. If your child doesn’t have an email address, you can use yours or create a new account. A family can share the same email if you would like. Just make sure that everyone creates their own display name as this is what you will need to sign in. 


Can I compare my team with another one (ie. School to school)?

Yes, you can filter what type of team you would like to compare with on the “Team Ranking” page. Private business can compare themselves with similar groups. PCNs can compare themselves to other PCNs and of course, schools or classrooms can compare themselves with other schools or classrooms.

Let the physical activity and healthy competition begin!