How To Get Started


Sign Up


You have two easy options:

Join as:

  • an individual or
  • create a team

Can't decide which team to join?

Don't worry - you can join as many teams as you would like. There is no limit!

You can also have as many teammates as you want, there is no limit here either. 


Invite Others


Once you create a team, you will get a link that you can copy and send to others by email, text message or Facebook.

Did you receive an team invite from someone?

Great - just click the link and it will take you to the sign up page and automatically add you to this team.

Invite as many friends, family members and co-workers as you like, again, there are no team limits.

Nothing like a little bit of competition!


Record your Activity

Simply track your activity by using any of the following:

  • a pedometer
  • downloading an app on your mobile device
  • syncing your Fitbit or using a different activity tracker
  • pen and paper work too!

No Device? No Problem!

  • enter your activity type and time in our new tracking system to convert any activity into steps.

Need help? Check out our submit activity help guide.

GOGA is all about increasing your activity and encouraging you to be active on a regular basis. Enter your activity each day in the activity tracking dashboard. This activity tracking tool will help you enter and view your progress, view team results, earn achievements and much more!

Visit the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to find out more details about registering, teams and participating as a school group.  

Need some help getting active? 



You are not alone. More than 32 million Canadians are not getting enough physical activity in their day. Getting started with activity is easier than you think.

Have you been inactive for a while and not sure how to get started? Download our getting started with activity guide to help ease you into activity. Simply follow this six week guide to help you reach 90 minutes of activity every week!

Already active but looking to do more? Download our 6-12 week guide which will have you reaching Canada's activity guidelines in no time! 

Check out what recreation options are near you.

Explore the facility and activity options at to try something new. If you have not been active in a while, this is a great resource to see what facilities and support are available to you in your community.