Rewards and draw prizes are available to participants during the challenge only.  Once the challenge closes on June 4, 2017, any new registrants will not be eligible for the facility voucher or the draw prizes.

What are the rewards and prizes for the GOGA Challenge?

Better Health - being physically active and creating life long habits is your greatest prize because it will improve your health and quality of life!

But, we also know that winning prizes can be exciting.  As an incentive to help you with your physical activity, we are offering all a variety of prizes and rewards.

GOGA Rewards

Every GOGA participant will receive a voucher to select partner recreation facilities that they can use to get active.

Please note:

  • Vouchers are only valid during the 6 week Challenge from April 24 - June 4, 2017
  • You must register for GOGA in order to receive your voucher.
  • Vouchers will be emailed out to participants on April 24, 2017. 
  • You will not be able to use these vouchers at any of the facilities prior to this time. 

What a great way to explore some new facilities, programs and options while you stay active and track your activities.

Vouchers can be redeemed for a special offer at any of the following facilities:

Click here  to see our complete list of facilities, locations and offers.

Early Registration Draw Prize: all participants

goga tshirt.jpg

fitbit pic.jpg

We want to encourage you to GOGA as soon as possible.  To help get you going, we will be giving out some early prizes!

During the six week registration period from March 13 - April 23, 2017 we will be giving away:

  • a GOGA T-shirt
  • a GOGA pedometer every week! 

All you need to do is sign up during this time. 

BONUS: Two lucky winners will also receive a:

  • Fitbit.

We want you to have all of the resources you need prior to starting GOGA. A pedometer or a Fitbit is fun device that will track your activity for you and encourage you throughout GOGA. 



Early Registration Draw Prize: for Schools

pedometer GOGA.jpg



Register before April 17, 2017 and your classroom will be eligible to win a GOGA pedometer for each student in the class. These pedometers are easy to use and will track daily steps. This is a great resource to help educate students on the value of active lifestyles. Students will receive their pedometers before GOGA starts so that they will be ready and eager to get out and get active!

Weekly Draw Prizes (April 24-June 4)

Each week, all GOGA participants will be eligible to win one of the following prizes:

  • Alberta Blue Cross prize package which includes:
    • a contigo water bottle, 
    • Alberta Blue Cross Buff
    • $25.00 Sport Chek Gift Card


  • AND a GOGA T shirt and GOGA pedometer

How do you qualify for weekly or grand draw prizes?

All you need to do is consistently enter your activity each week to be eligible for the draw prizes. Eligibility is based on entering your activity four out of seven days per week (about 60%). No one needs to be perfect! 

Each week, those who have entered their activity 60% of the time, will be eligible for the weekly and grand draw prizes.

* Please note: prizes are not awarded based on the highest number of steps/activity that is entered.





Alberta Blue Cross weekly prize.JPG


Participation is measured on consistency – whether you do 10 steps every day or 10,000 as long as you track and enter your activity, you will qualify for our great prizes!

Grand Draw Prizes:

Last year we had more than 3,000 participants join in the GOGA fun and this year we want to break all records and see more than 10,000 Albertans getting active with GOGA. 

Prize Package #1: 

bike.jpgOne lucky GOGA participant will win a Hardrock V650 Bike courtesy of United Cycle.    This bike can tackle mountain terrain, river valley trails or is a perfect ride for city             sidewalks. United Cycle has kindly offered to adapt the prize to the winning participant and can be redeemed for a child, youth or adult size bike. What a great way to GOGA all summer long.

Don't worry - if you are on a team, you are still eligible to win these prizes.



Prize Package #2:

Two lucky GOGA participants will win a set of walking poles courtesy of Urban Poling. You could win either a 300 series or an Activator pole, depending on your preference and will have the poles shipped directly to you!

300 series pole

up 300 series.png

Built for fitness and engineered for performance, safety and comfort, these premium-quality Urban Poles enable you to burn up to 46% more calories than walking without poles. The ergonomic handle engages your core muscles as you walk to help you easily strengthen your core.

  • Urban Poling online video instruction
  • Anti-vibration features and secure locking system
  • 2-section collapsible poles, adjustable to user's heights of 4'2" to 6'2"
  • Ergonomic strapless handle for injury prevention


To learn more about the great health benefits from using walking poles, click here or follow them on Twitter @UrbanPolingAB or find them on Facebook


AP UP.png

ACTIVATOR™ poles were designed for post/hip knee surgery, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and fall prevention. 

  • Button locking system for greater weight-bearing capacity - 200 lbs per pole.
  • New Ergonomic Coregrip (patent pending) designed for core strengthening while reducing strain on wrist & hand joints
  • Bell Shape tip for stability
  • Strapless for injury prevention
  • 3 anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints
  • Adjustable to user heights to 6'
  • 2-section collapsible poles for travel
  • Includes a user guide and online video instruction on the ACTIVATOR™ technique



Grand Prize For Schools or Classrooms

One lucky classroom will receive a Don't Walk In The Hallway Resource kit EAS1.PNGdonated by Ever Active Schools. 

Ever Active Schools believes the environments we operate in provide cues, nudges and incentives that influence our behaviour.

Recognizing the importance of promoting healthy learning environments, these hallway decals offer a way to modify school spaces, helping to activate your students!

This kit includes a resource handbook with guides to:

  • Advocating for Activity Permissive Learning Environments
  •  A Comprehensive School Health Approach to Don’t Walk in the Hallway
  • Pattern Starting Points
  • Energizer Ideas
  • Curriculum Links
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Decals
  • How to Access Support: Online Supplement 

Decal Dimensions: 

  • 64 Semi-permanent decals in 4 basic colours and 4 geometric shapes
  • Triangle: 34 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm
  • Circle: 20 cm diameter
  • Square: 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Rectangle: 20 cm x 5 cm

Material Information:

The decals are made of laminated, textured vinyl that are designed to withstand regular wear-and-tear and school custodial procedures for about a year.