All you need to know about Pedometers  

Using a pedometer has never been easier. You can access this as an App on any smart phone or you can purchase them for a very reasonable price at a local retail outlet. Pedometers are great because they can tell you how active you are throughout your day. 

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Use these handouts to help you start to discover your steps and experience the benefits of becoming more active. 

Pedometer information sheet: for Adults

Pedometer Information sheet: For Kids

Pedometer Pitfalls!

If you are not currently active, do not set your pedometer steps goal at 10,000 steps per day, as you may have heard is recommended.

You should first find your baseline before you try to set a steps goal. To establish your baseline follow these simple steps:

  • wear your pedometer for a couple of days,
  • record the number of steps you take on each day.
  • Take these two numbers, add them together, then divide by 2.
  • This will give you the average number of steps you walk each day.
  • From this try to set a small goal of 100 or 200 more steps each day. It really is that simple. 

The right way to start

Here is an example:

Day 1:  2,000 steps

Day 2:  3,000 steps

2,000 + 3,000 = 5,000 divided by 2 = 2,500 steps is your average.

Goal for week 1 increase by 5% = (0.05 x 2,500 = 125) more steps each day making a total of 2,625 or more steps. Each day this week try to walk at least 2,625 steps. 

If a pedometer is not for you, stick to simply walking.


How to get a pedometer

There are a number of pedometer loaner programs available across the province.  Click here for a full listing of pedometer loaner programs in your area. 


How to be active at work

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There are a number of quick and easy ways to get moving during your work day. Try one of these great resources to see what you can do to get moving!

Resources for kids and classrooms

There are so many fun and easy ways to move more. Drop the devices and tune into activity!